Sketchfab Android AR - camera is tilted

(Vrchris) #1

So I’m trying to use the AR functionality on my Note 8 with ARCore installed and updated, and it seems to work “okay”, however, the viewfinder is tilted by 90 degrees and there is no way to adjust it. Please fix it.


Hmm. Can you post a screenshot?

(Vrchris) #3

This is a screenshot from the app when holding the phone in portrait mode

(Vrchris) #4

phone in portrait mode


AR mode is only meant to work in landscape mode.

(Vrchris) #6

Why would it work on landscape only, when ARcore works both ways?
Either way, after turning rotate mode on and putting phone in landscape, the camera is still tilted.


It should not matter whether your phone is actually set to portrait or landscape globally. We always rotate the app to landscape in AR mode.

Could you take another screenshot? Maybe I’m not understanding the issue correctly :confused:

(Jhnywalter) #8

Not working for me also. I tried your versions. Google camera works, but the AR stickers can not be installed. Error parsing package.(i tried several versions also)

(Vrchris) #9

My problem here was using 3rd party app for automatic rotation, and despite not configuring Sketchfab, it conflicted with AR view, as the only app.

I uninstalled the app, and Sketchfab works fine.

However, if you minimize the app, the ARCore never stops - phone gets extremely hot until you get out of AR view.