SketchFab Animation BUG

I Tried to download this reload animation to my game: (G3 Reload Animation - Download Free 3D model by Stavich (@wichowiczs) [80f23ea] - Sketchfab), but when i import the fbx to unity, its only come the static pose, what can i do to download the animation ?

Hmm, I just tried importing the FBX into Blender and it played the animation as expected. I’m not familiar with Unity - perhaps you need to select the animation track? The model probably contains both the static pose ‘track’ and the animation itself:

Just tested this in Unity and it does load the animation correctly.

If you select the asset in the Project view, then go to the ‘Rig’ tab and make sure that it’s either Generic or Humanoid. Also go to the ‘Animation’ tab and make sure Import Animations is ticked.

Click ‘Apply’ at the bottom of either of those panels to save the changes and you should see the model change from a T-pose :+1:

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