Sketchfab animations + sound idea?


(Dutchallians) #1

Sketchfab animations coming closer, im already greatfully thanksfull for this!
but just as the tip on the iceberg, maybe team sketchfab can look into giving the option to apply sounds aswell. like .WAV? its a feature i would realy love to include with my animations.

(Mauricesvay) #2

@dutchallians Interesting feature request. Do you have examples of things you would like to do with sound?

(Dutchallians) #3

i would perhaps: make first person animations with gun sounds, Creature animations with sounds. audio equalizers. scene's including audio equalizer. and more. its not that imprant but it gives a bit more living to a scene

(Bandicooty1) #4

Animation + Sound is the best way to compete youtube...

(Dumenieu) #5

I realy dont understand why sketchfab dont improve the sound way.
Is it a technichal issue?

(Bart) #6

It's more a matter of prioritization - we're a small team and can't do everything at once..

(Dark Minaz) #7

Well if that is a feature at some point, i hope you guys add a button to disable sound for sketchfab (for all models that you view).

But at some point we can create an entire movie on sketchfab, model turning on an off, animation, sound, if you guys add a camera that can be animated i can remove the render button from maya :smiley:

(G10 Link) #8

Hey Maurice,

Sent an email to Bart the other day which pointed me out to this forum as well. I think you guys have been doing a tremendous job with sketchfab.

So, getting onto it, one of the things it would be tremendously great for is the implementation alongside facial motion tracking. Here's a video of facial mocap successfully imported into sketchfab but with no sound there's little use for it:

with the consumer VR just around the corner I'd say this is a key feature that's missing. I can see people jumping on the bandwagon once they see great animations with good sound design as well.

(Andrew Leahy) #9

Having animation control (start/pause/stop/goto frame/track selection/set playback rate/etc) through the Viewer API would allow external developers to sync audio playback with sketchfab model animation.

I imagine, this would generate a pile of demonstration use-cases which could guide integrated audio with Sketchfab proper.

just my 5 cents.

Andrew | Western Sydney University

(Mauricesvay) #10

@alfski Animation in Viewer API is definitely on our roadmap and should be available in a near future. Can't wait to see what you guys can do with this API :smile:

(Gonzalezedito) #11

I have 6th graders graders making 3D models for history and writing essays based on the history as well. For example they wrote narratives putting themselves as characters in the story of Theseus and the MInotaur. They also made the models and can see them with Google Cardboard. It would be cool if they could have part of their essay, maybe 10 seconds or so, play in the background while someone else views their work.

Below is an example of one of their mazes.

Minotaur Maze by gonzalezedito on Sketchfab

Here is another example of the ancient buildings of Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro (1) by gonzalezedito on Sketchfab

(Bart) #12

I've added your +1 to the feature request ticket.

(Fantome) #13

Hi guys you can also add my vote for audio support , the ability to read sound during a presentation would be far more immersive for VR experience.

Cheers !

(Sseth) #14

Add audio feature and I'll start using Sketchfab for eLearning presentations.

(Mauricesvay) #15

@sseth Sound is on the short term roadmap, but I can't give an ETA.


We just launched our Sound feature!

(Dutchallians) #17

Coming back after a long while, i'm glad to see sounds has been added into sketchfab, besides the store feature, you guys rock!