Sketchfab API -> Fab API

Hi and congratulations on the announcement!

My app Figmin XR relies heavily on sketchfab for content, so my first question of course is how we are going to go about migrating the API.

Will the fab api be somewhat similar to what we have today or completely different?.

What about 3d model IDs?, our users have made a ton of content already and if those change they will break.

Thanks! this seems great

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Thanks! We’re pretty excited :slight_smile:

We’re planning to bring most of the features from Sketchfab over to Fab. This feature set will include enterprise solutions, asset management, and API functionalities, as well as viewing and sharing abilities. Existing embeds and applications that use our API will continue to work.

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Apps that use the Sketchfab API will continue to work? This sounds amazing! But how so?

Are Sketchfab users going to migrate to Fab along with all their stuff? What about Authentication? will anything change?

It would be great to take this time to expand your API, like for example it would be great to be offered low res models to download

The viewer API will work? including annotations, screenshots, etc?

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