Sketchfab API Utility Update

(Shaderbytes) #1

Hey all , while i have been quite on here posting about new feature of the Utility I recently added a simple logging function to log all properties and values of a channel object of a material eg :slight_smile:


the results of inner objects are also processed and even has some indenting in the trace : eg

 Channel AlbedoPBR
 enable : true
 factor : 1
 texture : 
       magFilter : LINEAR
       minFilter : LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR
       wrapS : REPEAT
       wrapT : REPEAT
       textureTarget : TEXTURE_2D
       internalFormat : RGB
       texCoordUnit : 0
       uid : f8c05ae22bef4ad5a01e5deeef500065; 

Nothing fancy but a great little one liner to see the object graph of a specific channel from a specific material with ease.

You can view a codepen example of this working on this page :