Sketchfab App, VR mode, Iphone

I have the Sktchfab app on my Iphone 8, and got a cardboard VR,
but when clicking the vr mode in the app, the screen splits, but does not react to head movements… how to fix??

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I have almost same issue on Samsung S7: model does not react to phone movements in VR mode in browser, but additionally, after 10 seconds the page crashes.
Using the app, if I click the goggles the model is properly shown… but screen is not split, I see the standard view!
Sketchfab always worked fine on my S7, but I didn’t use the app for months.

Found a workaround: use a link like this, replacing the model number by yours:
h t t p s : / / s k e t c h f a b . c o m/models/3fa5ba8822044837ae172b7e7e6a4add/embed?autostart=1&cardboard=1&internal=1&ui_infos=0&ui_snapshots=1&ui_stop=0&ui_theatre=1&ui_watermark=0