Sketchfab as a desktop background?

(Strangelet) #1

with definable range of motion mappable to the mouse cursor, so you could have a scene that moves or spins slightly as the cursor moves around the screen in other apps.

sure, i can imagine it would be tricky, and probably a nightmare of compatibility problems, but how cool would that be?

i'd waste some gpu cycles on that while i was doing non-graphic intensive work :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dark Minaz) #2

Hmm some sort of half 3d, hdri destkop solution. Maybe that exists already somewhere.
i don't think you'd need to really have it in real 3d, i mean there is this sort of fake 3d on facebook currently with a single image. Pretty sure that could be somehow used.
Personally i like my calming Armageddon style underwater wallpaper filled with all my desktop apps. More animation would probably get on my nerves at some point :slight_smile:

(Gottygamer) #3

Try rainmeter app for customizing your desktop background and it has lots of cool skins.

see this list of latest themes: