Sketchfab August Challenge: Treasure Chest


This month we challenge you to create a treasure chest—but not just any treasure chest. Make it unique, make it interesting, make it tell a story. Consider what your treasure chest is made of, where it has been, what treasure it contains, and what the future has in store for it. Creativity is key.

Full rules and prize details can be found in the blog announcement:


Hi, there where can I submit my work for this challenge

Simply upload your model and tag it with #TreasureChestChallenge


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Our community submitted so many fantastic entries that the judges had their work cut out for them.

And the winners are...

🥇 First Place: Treasure Chest - 1988 by Marcus Ryéll

“I love the interpretation of the topic and felt a strong reaction to the objects and stickers. They remind me both of my own youth and of all the ‘treasures’ that my own kids collect. Great execution and use of the Sketchfab viewer too!” - Bart (@bartv)

“Nostalgia aside, this is a really high quality scene - great materials, varied modelling styles and slick presentation in the Sketchfab viewer. The fact that each item and sticker in the scene has a personal significance to the artist makes it even better. Bravo!” - Tom (@nebulousflynn)

“Really like the theme here, of an unconventional treasure. I spent a good bit of time looking at the contents of the box” - Renafox (@kryik1023)

🥈 Second Place: Treasure Chest by grigoriyarx

“It’s great the way the artist used their materials to help accentuate the features of this chest. The demonic body, golden skull and clawed clasps really show that whoever this chest belongs to really didn’t want you to open it.” - Phil Clark (@nomadking )

“Amazing attention to detail and execution on the materials and animations. It’s simply beautiful to look at.” - James (@james)

“Excellent technical skills and nice design!” - Phil Gosch (@saphires)

🥉 Third Place: The Magic Coin Multiplicator by Antony Oms

“Absolutely amazing! It lets the viewer in anticipation of what comes next and what is in the chest. Plus: perfect execution, from animation to modeling to texturing.” - Mieke (@miekeroth)

“I was mesmerized as the box keeps unfolding and opening and loved the surprise at the end!” - Bart (@bartv)

“I REALLY enjoyed watching the animation unfold here - very satisfying and creative. I’d also like to own a Coin Multiplicator :moneybag:.” - Tom (@nebulousflynn)

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OMG! This was highly unexpected regarding all the amazing submissions. I just read my mail after dinner. Plates are still on the table and I think I will pour myself another glass of wine to celebrate. Can’t believe it. Thank You everyone at Sketchfab, the nice words from the judges and all the talanted participants that make this price extra special. You are all amazing. <3