Sketchfab display error?

Hey Guys,

I just uploaded a model, I created in Blender, but there is something wrong with it. Compare these 2 pictures:


The colored one is from Sketchfab, the other from Blender

Hi @vogtei , and welcome on Sketchfab :wave:

It seems that the model you have uploaded to Sketchfab does not have this issue, did you manage to fix your problem?

If not, you might want to try to triangulate the middle face of the geometry you showed in the screenshot above: the way we handle polygons with more than 4 vertices can sometimes present issues on such faces, especially when the vertices are relatively close together and that the faces are concave.

To do so, go into edit mode, select the face, and Ctrl+T or look for “triangulate” in the search menu (cf

Let me know if that helps :+1: !



wow it worked, thank you so much, you saved our fair!!

You are very welcome, nice to hear you managed to get it working :partying_face: