Sketchfab Download API and Licensing

(Simonbrown) #1

The announcement of a download API has been announced:

Sketchfab Download API

This raises a few questions that I could not find answers to in the announcement or the developer guidelines:

  • Are all models hosted by Sketchfab available for download via the API?
  • Or does the API respect the download settings applied by the creator/account holder?
  • Or does it work in conjunction with the Model Store?

Look forward to a reply.

(Pipann) #2

I have a feeling the API wouldn’t disrespect the modelers’ choice if they don’t want their works to be downloaded, but I would like to hear some confirmation about this as well.

My other concern is the API getting hacked into downloading non-downloadables anyway, but Sketchfab’s been very good about protecting our content so far.

(Mauricesvay) #3

@simonbrown @Pipann

  • only models that are usually downloadable are available in the Download API. Only authors can make their models downloadable by specifying a Creative Commons license.
  • Yes, the API respect the download setting applied by authors.
  • The Download API doesn’t provide the Store models yet. We are thinking about it.

(Pipann) #4

Ironically, I discovered the updated terms of service topic in relation to the API just before you replied and found my answer there. D’oh!

I think integrating store models into the API would be a good step forward. Though if you do, might I suggest that the seller can be given a choice if they want their content to be downloadable via API? :slight_smile:

(Mauricesvay) #5

@Pipann is there a reason not to make purchased models available in the API?

(Pipann) #6

I don’t know, to be fair, since I don’t stand in those shoes. But who knows if someone prefers being able to choose. I’d try to get the sellers’ opinions on that, but I merely suggested it because I think having a choice is important.