Sketchfab Editor Presets (Scene, Lights, Post-Processing Filters, Materials)

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@james did something change to the script? i also can’t seem to get it to work.

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No solution yet? I did use this add-on a lot and it saved me a lot of time setting up Sketchfab-scenes.

To be honest I didn’t know it was working as recently as it was. No one has maintained it, it was more of an experiment.

We know we need to implement a proper Presets feature, and it’s near the top of our feature request todo list. However, it’s a really complicated topic and we are still working on some infrastructure changes that are prerequisites.

I (or someone else :wink: ) will need to take a look at the user script to see if we can get it working again. It’s really just clicking buttons in the editor for you, so maybe a object or class name changed…


Oh !
So I will have to wait with the publication of new models until the script starts working again; (

Please note that this is not an officially supported project, so we can’t guarantee it will work again. James said he’ll look at it, but we can’t be sure he’ll succeed or when.

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I know. So why don’t you just make it official :slight_smile: It’s very handy and time saving tool. Time is money.

James already mentioned that:


any updates on this (unofficial) topic?
any links to the most recent working fork?
could REALLY use this instead of redoing my materials every time i update a model.

Ok, I finally took a look and it seems the fix was much simpler than I thought… :woman_facepalming:

You can install the latest version as described in the updated first post :point_up_2:, or here:


finally! thank you! I’d say I love you but you know … :smile:

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Hi @james ,

Is it possible to apply the settings from this script through the Data-API?

As you know, the script allows presets to be downloaded, so I have all the necessary data - but so far I’ve had no success patching it through the Data-API.

I get a successful patch response (200), but most of the settings are not applied…?


Not at the moment, the full options are only available in the internal API.

Huge value! Thanks so much.


I tried to install script on Firefox and Greasemonkey and I can’t see options to save/load presets. Script is enabled, where those settings are placed?

If the script is working correctly, you should see a button that looks like a set of sliders, located below ‘Save Settings’ when you’re editing you 3D settings:

Clicking that should open the Presets panel

Nope, despite script is enabled, it’s not there…

Just tried it myself in Firefox, and yes it doesn’t appear to work with Greasemonkey, but it does with Tampermonkey.

Not sure why that is, perhaps @james has an idea :slight_smile:

This was very useful. Thanks James. Much appreciated.

Is it possible to modify this to export all materials? I want to upload a model of mine, with ~40 shared materials with another model. Having the option to at least save any is nice though. Bought plus to upload more models and almost got completely unmotivated to upload until I found this :frowning:

Is this something that will be implemented into the 3d settings options eventually?