Sketchfab Error 51 on reupload

Hi all,

I am doing an update on a model that was uploaded previously with no issues and have been getting the Error 51 code. I understand that is possibly due to having to many textures or complexity so have tried tweaking it to simplify it but cant seem to make it work.
Whats confusing is I tested uploading the exact same model that was uploaded with no issues a few months prior and that model also came back with the Error 51 code.
I have tested some simpler models which worked. Not sure if this is a bug or am I missing something.
These are admittedly large photogrammetry models but i have had no issues of this kind for the past 50+ model uploads so would be interested to see if something may have changed on Sketchfabs end. Would appreciate any assistance if possible.


Hi there. Can you please share the model URL with me so that we can take a look?

Hi Abbyec, this is the URL

Seems like it is a texture issue but as mentioned, i didnt have an issue with a previous model which is basically the same in regards to texture. Here is the model that works.