Sketchfab - error

(Sensit) #1


please, we have problém with upload our 3D models to your
sketchfab. Please, can you help us? We have Inventor 2015. We provided
actualisation and from this time, we can not upload models.

Thank you for your help

(Nataliak) #2

You should be able to export from Inventor.

Make sure to save it in one of these file formats:

(Sensit) #3


Thank you for your help, but our inventor 2015 these types of format is not supported. Two weeks ago, everything worked, and probably after the last update Inventor 2015 it ceased to function. I wonder if there is no problem with compatibility. Please help.



I see.

We don't develop the Inventor plugin here. Maybe you can ask ProtoTech Solutions for help?


Actually. We might have a bug. I'm looking into it.

(Sensit) #6

Ok, thanks!
I sent the files to email..


(Chelsearay) #7

I am also suffering from the same problem. With my 3D models I am not able to work. The problem is coming with visual effects. How to combine the visual effects with 3D model?


We've found the bug with DWF files and it will be fixed soon. This should also fix the Inventor exporter.