Sketchfab export does not work in AutoCAD 2015


(Paulz) #1

Hi. I just followed all of the instructions to use/download Sketchfab in my AutoCAD 2015. But when I invoke the Sketchfab export button on the ribbon a box comes up saying that "sketchfab" is not recognized as a command. How do I fix this?



I'm sorry about that. The plugin is broken in many versions of AutoCAD. However, we did not develop it in-house, so we have no way to debug or update it. For now, you'll have to manually export and upgrade one of our supported formats:


(R Rodriguez) #3

I am also having issues with the exporter. I am using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 and I keep on getting a "Failure to Upload" error.

Were you ever able to fix this or upload manually? If you uploaded manually, what format did you use? I'm trying to upload a 3D surface.


(Paulz) #4

No was never able to make this work. However, a few months ago while I was having trouble with it, I sent my file to Sketchfab and they (I believe it was James) were able to make it work. But I'm still having no success uploading a file to SketchFab from AutoCAD and have it work . Someone needs to address this because I assume there are thousands of people on AutoCAD who need files to be able to work on Sketchfab easily. Seems like something sketchfab should figure out. It's 2016 for cryin' out loud. :slight_smile:

(Paulz) #5

On second thought, it's probably NOT a SketchFab issue but an AutoCAD issue. My apologies to SketchFab.

(Projetos1) #6

It is not easier to export to FBX?

All models export FBX only have to add the textures nothing else, 3ds max 2017 and Auto CAD 2016

(Swelebny) #7

Hello! I am having the same issue with AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014. The exporter just doesn't work, with no useful error message. I have tried exporting to FBX and DXF and uploading, but there are problems with each. I can't figure out how to make colors or materials show up on Sketchfab with an FBX model, and the DXF is missing some objects. Is the only solution to use some other software as an intermediary?


Could you send me some links to the uploads you tried? It might be possible to fix the materials in 3D Settings after uploading.

I'm not super familiar with AutoCAD and how friendly it is with other software. Can you go through 3ds Max or some other Autodesk software?