Sketchfab exporter for Maya 2014 not working

(Joel3d) #1

The exporter for Maya wasn't working, So I downloaded the Maya2Sketchfab_win64.msi installer and ran it. I first quit Maya, uninstalled the old sf exporter, then re-installed it. Opened a very simple scene and launched the exporter (build 141128) copied my API token to the settings, blahblahblah...It went through exporting to FBX, etc, then said processing failed.

It's to bad, I wish I didn't have to pack everything and manually upload each time.

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @joel3d,

Thanks for reporting this issue, I feel very sorry about that.
This is not the first issue we have with files coming from Maya, it seems that the data exported is not always clean, so we have to make our processing more robust.

I add this issue in our TODO list, and pinned your post so that you will be aware when a fix will be provided smile

A side question: did you try to export manually your model into FBX and upload it on Sketchfab? is this issue only related to the use of the exporter ?

(Joel3d) #3

Thank you for your response. Funny thing is that it used to work.

Yes I can export a FBX from Maya manually and upload it, that is what I've been doing lately.


I thought the exporter used whatever FBX settings were in your export dialog...but I might be wrong.

Does the upload succeed? (Can you see it on your uploads page? ).

(Joel3d) #5

thanks James, that makes sense! Ill check that out.