Sketchfab fails to render imported minified GLTF models

(Hussein Bakri) #1

We have a bunch of .obj/.mtl 3D models. We converted them to gltf and .glb (binary version) using this khronos gLTF conversion tool (recommended on their site) :

We wanted to upload the resulting gltf files and run a research project (precisely a user study) .

short story: The problem is that the uploaded .gltf file whether .gltf or .glb + textures converted from the tool produce on Sketchfab a distorted mesh (image below) why?

We should mention that the model is rendered perfectly when using Babylon JS Sandbox & Three JS loaders but why the problem with Sketchfab ?

Should it have the same structure as the format that Sketchfab export meaning a ‘textures’ folder + scene.bin + scene.gltf? If that is the case, how can we convert the minified version (object.gltf + textures files without a .bin file) to the structure that Sketchfab uses?

Just as an example on Babylon JS sandbox the model looks good

On Sketchfab:

Thank you for any suggestions.


Hmm weird. I think @waleguene should be able to help. Can you please post a link to this model?

Why not just upload your original OBJ+MTL to Sketchfab?

(Waleguene) #3


There are two things occuring here:

  • Broken mesh: it’s due to an issue on our side and it should be fixed since yesterday. Can you give another try ?
  • Missing texture: we didn’t put full effort on our .glb support since we were using glTF ascii format .gltf + .bin, and one of the missing features is the support of embedded images (that should come soon). The easiest workaround is to upload the .glb and then add the texture through the Sketchfab 3D Editor.
    *Note: it may require a texture vertically flipped. glTF UV origin should be different from the one you have with .obj *

I hope it helps!
Feel free to share a link if you still have the broken mesh issue so that we can debug :slight_smile:

Thanks !

(Pal Szasz) #4


Any update on the GLB + texture issue? We have the same issue, we would like to upload GLB files, but the texture is missing.


(Waleguene) #5

Hi @pal.szasz,

GLB texture support has been implemented and should be released soon (maybe next week) :+1: