Sketchfab February Challenge: Frontiers

This month we want you to take us to the edge of exploration, where a few brave individuals are forging a new path. Is it a scene in the past or the future? On Earth, under it, or beyond? Up to you.

Focus on the kind of project that you love in one of three categories: characters, architecture, or vehicles.

3 categories = 3 chances to win prizes.

Full rules and prize details on the blog:


My character entry for the Frontier Challenge. A cowboy off to discover what lays beyond.

I will probably add more to the environment later, but for now I’m happy with my progress on it.



I wanted to use a digital art landscape as a reference for my model. I have it on my computer since a long time ago. But I tried to search for the creator today on the internet and it seems that the art is like “gone” from its original internet page, it was a student art, so maybe he has delete his page… I still have the name of the artwork and, I think, what seems to be the name of the creator. But since I can’t contact him anymore, or find the original place where it belongs on the internet, can I still use it, and put the reference I have in the comment ?

Thank you

Here is my entry for the Frontier Challange in Architecture category :slight_smile:


Plan to participate!
Category character.
Few days ago made a sketch for Thermal-complete - tourist’s suit for Taatan (known in our days as Titan). That’s for the game that we develop. Didn’t plan to model it so soon, but here is a reason. Why not then?

The tourist route is linked to Port Agat, one of the famous shore settlements near Kraken Mare.


My entry for the challenge :slight_smile:

This was my second idea for previous month challenge but triangle count disqualified it back then. Despite this, I think the model will be proper for a challenge in this month :slight_smile:


Very nice work, I love the style of your entry :+1:

Just a quick tip: you can directly embed your models on the forum by just copy/pasting the full link to it in your message, instead of copying the full embed code (iframe and stuff). The forum should automagically create an embed out of the link :wink:

Good luck for the challenge !


Hi there :wave:

It should not be much of a problem as long as you provide the information you have in the description.

Too many people provide absolutely no credits when using third parties concept art, that any credit is always nice to have, even if you cannot provide a full link back to the original piece.

If no one else from the Sketchfab team answers this thread regarding your question, consider yourself good to go :+1:

Good luck, eager to see what you will come up with !

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Else will try to set up some environment, in mood similar to this New Year postcard by our team

My entry for this contest! This was my second time joining a Sketchfab contest! ^^ Super fun doing a character this time. What do you think?


Hey, this is my entry for the #FrontiersChallengeCharacter. I had a lot fun doing this :slight_smile:


Hello, there it is. I wanted to do this artwork in 3D for ages, but I never took the time, so it was a good opportunity :slight_smile:


My time lapse piece for atlantis temple of poseidon (Note annotations are intended to be used with the static pose)



Hello everyone. I thought this competition was for three people.

Please also advise

This work was inspired by the 2002 Tokusatsu TV film : Vent card of Kamen Rider Ryuki

It was also a vignette during production :

My friend saw my production process and said half-jokingly that

it was a fusion of Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Drive . Ha Ha

Hello everyone. I thought this competition was for three people.

Please also advise and more thanx

Hello everyone. I thought this competition was for three people.

Please also advise ( I love yu - gi -oh so mush ; especially : gem knight pearl ~

because its story is that its personality is very simple and Kindness .

Although it is an XYZ Monster, it usually does not pull out the material

but it only needs to come forward to use it. !