Sketchfab for rendering!


(Zeyo Kane) #1

I found this to export sketchfab screenshots with transparent background
It is great , and i am using a Mouse Macro to Pause -> Export -> Play -> Pause-> Export…
so i can render animations using Sketchfab that is amazing!

Du have any plans of making a dedicated rendering Api , with camera movement baked from Blender maybe?


We do have a GIF / Webm video generator:

I think if the model is static, it produces a turntable animation, if the model is animated, it plays it.

A Rendering API is a pretty interesting idea though!

(Zeyo Kane) #3

That is FANTASTIC! is there a way to render it with transparent background? for webm or as image sequence dunno


Maybe we can add a transparent option ( @mauricesvay )

(Fabbear) #5

can the screenshots used for viewer.api? textures not on sketchfab