SketchFab Geometry BUG

For some reason my Sun Witch model has a streched bar sticking out from her back. In blender there are no problems. I have applied all transforms and checked for geometry issues. I Checked for weight paint problems or armetrure problems and also tried uploading with .blend , .DAE , .STL and .FBX. This problem keep happening.

I have a feeling that the problem is from SketchFabs side.

How do I fix this?

Model link: Sun Witch - 3D model by chaudhry ishmael (@chaudhryishmael) [50ea676] - Sketchfab

If you’ve already ruled out a weight painting issue, then the likely cause is an N-gon (shape with more than 4sides) being triangulated by Sketchfab and creating some geometry that isn’t correctly assigned to the armature.

Zooming into the model itself, you can also see you have a 2nd instance of the issue in the same place on the other leg, but heading downwards in a less noticeable way. Doesn’t look like they are coming from the legs themselves, bur rather from the Belt or other clothing in that area. :+1:

oh wow , yea that was the problem. Thank you very much! I’ll keep it in mind for the next time

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