Sketchfab Hand Painting Challenge: GameBoy

(Nebulousflynn) #1

Super simple: hand paint a Game Boy 3D model for a chance to win prizes! :paintbrush: :video_game:

Full rules and prize details can be found in the blog announcement:

(Al Maitov) #2

Now the header image is much nicer :crazy_face:
As i understand handpainted is albedo for everything (base, highlights, dark, wear and so on).
let’s try.

(Allmightythunder) #3

I have a question about this one, so when you say handpainted it does sound like only an albedo/diffuse is this correct or is pbr fine?

also when you say from scratch that means what…basic brush/alphas only? or can custom alphas be used(as long as they are also from scratch?)

Sorry just a little confused to the details of this challenge

(Sfrancl) #4

entered for the fun of it

changed it a bit because I had typed some things and I also wanted to try a normal map

(Nebulousflynn) #5

They key here is ‘hand painted’ - it’s a certain look of texturing:

We’re not looking for PBR materials per se, or smart materials from substance etc.

You can use whatever brushes you like.

(Meee) #6

Here is my entry!
It was a lot of fun to paint.
My goal was to achieve a drawing look, I also made some changes to the reality, like the size of the screen (I think it looks better)…

(Pallavi Maruvada) #7

Hi Everyone,
Here is my WIP shot. I was inspired by the Zelda limited edition gameboy.

(Pallavi Maruvada) #8

So here is my entry! I modified the UVs and edited the model a tiny bit to fit my texture better.

(Allen Roldan) #9

Here’s my entry for the GameBoy Hand Painting Challenge!

(Eyad Lotfy) #10

My first entry, not sure how good that is lol

(Jimmy Mac Creates) #11

Lets give this a go! WIP

(Ligul) #12

And here is my attempt! I tried to make the texture more realistic, so that it was not very noticeable that it was painted by hand.
You would know how many layers it took …

(Imesteves) #13

1st try! :smile:

(Farhan Rachmatullah) #14

Hello All

this is my work painting

(Mmkh) #15

I had a question about my WIP Gameboy model. I started it already and just wanted to know if this is okay or not for the contest. Basically the total poly count is still 1.6K and I wanted to explore the semi-transparent effect of the case against the circuit board within.

If it’s stretching the limits of the contest, then I’ll redo my submission and just stick to hand painting. Let me know, thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nebulousflynn) #16

Hi - yes, I’m afraid this is not allowed as it is altering the overall form of the model.

(it does look great though!)

(Geug) #17

Here is my entry. I painted it the way I would paint a real game boy. But with my digital pen :slight_smile:
I did use a reference image on my second screen. not sure if it’s allowed or I don’t know how handpainted Gameboy looks like. :slight_smile: Good Luck to everyone!!!

(Cookiepop) #18

Not sure if this qualifies, but it definitely was fun to make! :heart:

(Imesteves) #19

I hope this version will qualify to the contest. Thank you and hope you like this! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

(Vitaliy Tsepilov) #22

#GameBoyChallenge 3d model Gameboy

I tried to paint Gameboy.