Sketchfab Hand-painting Challenge: Storybook Scene

For many of us, children’s storybooks were our first encounters with art. These cherished books are the inspiration for this month’s challenge. To enter, model and hand-paint a storybook scene, upload it to Sketchfab, and tag it #StorybookChallenge.

Full rules and prize details can be found in the blog announcement:


This is just perfect!! Now I am inspired to participate!

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Do you hand paint this in Sketchfab, on some computer software, or do you have to do it with paint on a canvas? I don’t really understand what it means to “hand-paint” something

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There is no option to paint textures in Sketchfab.
You would have to paint your texture in the 3D software program of choice. (or something like Photoshop and bring it in your 3D model.)

Here’s an interesting workflow that shows some hand painting:


okay thanks!

So do we have to choose a scene from an already existed children book, or we can create a brand new scene?
And if we have to choose an existed scene then how much modification from the original scene can we make?

It does not need to be an existing story; anything in the storybook style will work.

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“the storybook style”? Now I’m confused :relaxed:

See the briefing :slight_smile:

I did read that Bart :slight_smile: But from when you say “the storybook style” I get confused. With the emphasis on “'the”. But maybe it’s just me. Awesome challenge anyway.

I didn’t put emphasis on that :slight_smile: I guess I meant ‘children’s storybook style’. Just run with it and use your own inspiration.

LOL, confusion all over. Have a nice day Bart!

This seems amazing! Is this the thread where we can post WIP and ask for feedback as well?

they are referring to Handpainted as a visual style for the artwork… whether you do it

  1. digitally in a software or
  2. on paper/canvas and scan that it and assemble in 3d
    is upto you
    essentially there are many ways to interpret that visually but here are a lot of examples - Sketchfab

PS: @CSMajorBoris you could actually use to create or load up a 3d scene and paint it in the browser… if you wanted to :wink:

Please open your own topic to post your WIPs to we can keep this one for questions about the challenge.

Can i animate some items or all objects in scene should be static ?

Animation is not required, but can definitely earn you some bonus points :slight_smile:

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This sounds awesome, I have to participate and enjoy all the other creative entries. What a pleasant surprise! :smile:


Just wanted to be clear we can use substance painter for this right?

Certainly. We’re not setting any restrictions on the type of tool that you’re using, just on the art style.