Sketchfab Hand-painting Challenge: Storybook Scene

Thinking of joining this one doing a scene from a story I’ve been working on.

A couple design sketches:


Has to be a scene the size of “Summer color” or something smaller is accepted?

Ex: Newt - 3D model by Gregory Khodyrev (@gmaaailgrisha) [f5affb0] - Sketchfab

It’s up to you, but a ‘scene’ should not just be a single character or a prop. It preferably would tell a tiny story.

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Here’s what I have so far, a place where most of us may have had those famous kid’s books read to us.

Any thoughts on what I can improve?

I tried to upload, but I was over the 50 mb file limit :frowning: (That’s kinda low for 2021 isn’t it?! lol)

Jeremy Ride The Jive (

Why i published model about 17 hours ago and its still not uploaded to challenge till now ?

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I see it in the tag gallery. The challenge collection is only updated twice a day.

OK.So lets wait.Thank you :ok_hand:

Enjoyed this challenge so much! btw I was wondering if it is ok to change 3d settings(materials etc) after an entry is done. Since there is still 2 more days before the deadline.

As long as it’s before the deadline, then yes any changes are fine :+1:

Once the deadline has passed, it’s best to avoid editing anything until after the judging / results are announced :slight_smile:


Thanks for confirming! Actually I am still a noob to sketchfab. So it took me 2 days to just optimize the scene for better performance XD I finally settled down today.

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Final version! I got it under 50MB!