Sketchfab Hand-painting Challenge: Storybook Scene

Thinking of joining this one doing a scene from a story I’ve been working on.

A couple design sketches:


Has to be a scene the size of “Summer color” or something smaller is accepted?

Ex: Newt - 3D model by Gregory Khodyrev (@gmaaailgrisha) [f5affb0] - Sketchfab

It’s up to you, but a ‘scene’ should not just be a single character or a prop. It preferably would tell a tiny story.

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Here’s what I have so far, a place where most of us may have had those famous kid’s books read to us.

Any thoughts on what I can improve?

I tried to upload, but I was over the 50 mb file limit :frowning: (That’s kinda low for 2021 isn’t it?! lol)

Jeremy Ride The Jive (

Why i published model about 17 hours ago and its still not uploaded to challenge till now ?

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I see it in the tag gallery. The challenge collection is only updated twice a day.

OK.So lets wait.Thank you :ok_hand:

Enjoyed this challenge so much! btw I was wondering if it is ok to change 3d settings(materials etc) after an entry is done. Since there is still 2 more days before the deadline.

As long as it’s before the deadline, then yes any changes are fine :+1:

Once the deadline has passed, it’s best to avoid editing anything until after the judging / results are announced :slight_smile:


Thanks for confirming! Actually I am still a noob to sketchfab. So it took me 2 days to just optimize the scene for better performance XD I finally settled down today.

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Final version! I got it under 50MB!


Hi everyone - I want to update you on judging. We’re almost there, but we’re going to have to wait to announce the winners until Monday ( :sob: ) because not all the votes are in and the Sketchfab team will (rather unexpectedly) be out of the office tomorrow. I had hoped we could announce today, but it’s not looking like it’s going to happen. So, thank you in advance for your patience and as soon as I have all the votes and have tallied them, I’ll let you know who the winners are.


Your entries blew us away! We had so much fun exploring all of your scenes and stories. It made the judging extra challenging this time around. Congrats to everyone who participated. :clap::clap::clap:

And the winners are...

First Place: The Lake of Desires by @omarfaruqtawsif32

“I love the lushness of the scene, the creativity of the story told in the annotations, and the overall excellent presentation.” - Abby (@abbyec)

Second Place: People of the Shed by AlmondFeather

“The way the sunlight is painted into this scene makes you feel the warmth of the scene and discovering the small wooden figurines and their variety is a joy to look at. The small animation is a great addition and truly makes a scene of a storybook come to life.” - Jasmin (@curlscurly)

Third Place: Alice in Paperland by Lou

“There were a few entries on this theme but Lou’s rendition stands out with its unique ‘paper-cut’ style. Some great emotion in Alice’s face too - I feel bad for her!” - Tom (@nebulousflynn)

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This one was a fun one to take part in! Congratulations to everyone who submitted, there were some really good ones that I enjoyed looking through.

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This challenge was last year; it’s already closed.