Sketchfab importer does not import blender GLSL materials

(Jacob Merrill) #1

is there any way to have the render/materials etc look the same on sketchfab as it does in the viewport in blender?

this -

does not look like this -

(Jacob Merrill) #2

I used the blender exporter addon*

(Shaderbytes) #3

Blender viewport GL rendering is not using any PBR or HDRI lighting. Sketchfab default is using PBR and HDRI. So you cant expect the two to look the same.

Your model is very lumpy for a hard surface model. You really should use some tighter bevels more edge loops or split edges for hard surface models to look good when being lit properly.

These are two different platforms and you simply have to learn to use sketchfab PBR and HDRI for good results.