Sketchfab is removing millions of models!

**If anyone works with Sketchfab please help us to know which users will be removed due to inactivity in next weeks, so we can buy their models before they are permanently gone **
Why can’t Sketchfab give artists more than couple of weeks to sign in? there are 8 MILLION registered users and only 30% visits the site monthly so why is 70% considered as inactive and have to lose their years of work just because of new Policy???

@abbyec thanks for your replay this link say the following

“We recommend that you log in to your account within 30 days to avoid the risk of account deletion due to inactivity.”
So should my company buy all the models before they get deleted from the platform because of inactive creators?

If you absolutely need specific models, I’d recommend you purchase them now, yes.

Can you give us and artists more than 30 days to back up everything
You told me millions of models wouldn’t be removed but now it seems like they will
Most artists don’t even know about this update and takes more than a single email month before to alert them

This is absolutely disgusting!
Sketchfab closed my Pro account. I created a topic:

I have sent them emails but no one is replying ((

This is just unbelievable years of work is gone, is your account still active or closed