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SketchFab is requesting an insecure script

(Edsahergom) #1

Hello SketchFab,

It seems that when the models are being loaded, an insecure script is called what is blocking the model to be charge in certain networks, specially the ones of companies which have special security setting. I have attached an screenshot of the console. As I said, the models are loading normally in common networks but in corporative ones, they are being blocked.

Really appreciate any help.

(Bart) #2

Does this happen on all pages, or only a specific URL? If so, can you share that URL please?

(Edsahergom) #3

Thanks for your quick reply.

Yes in all models, we tried a very simple model and it did not load as well.

(Bart) #4

I can't reproduce it here, so this may be caused by the local network? But I've passed it on to our web team to be sure!

(Paul Sketch) #5

Either you're behind a proxy (a quick google to "15871 blockpage" give "websense" ?) or you have a "chrome extension" (see chrome:extension) that does this.
Both does rewrite of sketchfab page, and https prevent exactly this. (with good reasons)


Does it work Incognito with no extensions? Other browser?

Try clearing your cache and cookies?

(Edsahergom) #7

Hello guys,

thanks for your help.

This is the link The page is charging without problems until you click play, when the sketchfab api and model are being called. The model never loads. Again it loads in certain networks but in the corporative ones, it gets blocked.

(Paul Sketch) #8

maybe worth a try making the website embedding sketchfab HTTPS too.
( ie embedding sketchfab)


That page is working fine on my end. Seems to be a browser or network issue on your specific machine.

(Aleahy) #10

Hi @edsahregom talk to whoever looks after the corporate network and in particular any proxy or firewalling systems. This is likely a problem with a filtering firewall or proxy redirecting to a non-https blockpage. You need to show this to whoever admins that system and ask them to fix it.

Additionally, if you can load up the blockpage URL from your console error ( it may tell you what it is being blocked and why.

This proxy should not be replacing a https:// request with a http:// block page. That will break content with browsers now.