Sketchfab JavaScript errors when embedding

(Ultimatehackingkeyboard) #1

Hi there,

Sketchfab is embedded into the bottom of our site. We also use the Errorception JavaScript logging service and according to it, Sketchfab regularly triggers JavaScript errors:

Based on this error, I suspect that the embedded Sketchfab viewer is not visible on iOS. Unfortunately, I don't have any iOS devices to test.

Any way to resolve this error?



(Shaderbytes) #2

just reading the error message sounds to me like someone is trying to manipulate something in the iframe embed , which of coarse is not possible due to the intended browser security restrictions on an iframe. not sure what is triggering it??

(Ultimatehackingkeyboard) #3

I think this is unlikely because these IPs are from all around the globe over a period of months. I don't know what is triggering this issue. Is Sketchfab embed supposed to work on iOS?

(Shaderbytes) #4

It anyway only shows the errors were for a specific build of chrome. Maybe there was some sort of incompatibility. You are aware of how fragmented browser vendors are and anything web related is at the mercy of their implementations and changes they do on each version. It is a case of one day it works and the next day it doesnt .. and then you have to dig to see what the problem is. Sometimes it even a bug on there own code. Has happened many times already and then the developers of sketchfab have to file a bug report to the vendors.

(Ultimatehackingkeyboard) #5

Thanks for your reply! It makes complete sense. I hope that Chrome for iOS will be fixed soon.


Not sure why you're seeing those errors, but the embed works fine on my iPhone 6, iOS 10.3.2, Chrome 58.

(Shaderbytes) #7

if you look at the pie chart the problem was with chrome 57 , 58 seems fine. Anyway we dont know enough about what was all happening on their website platform. As mentioned before by the description of the error message it does seem like something was trying to script into the iframe.