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Sketchfab , just upload low poly ! (im new need answer ))

(Helgasta) #1

hi someone can tell me why when i upload my models they are low poly ?

in substancepianter my models are high poly after baking, but when i upload it they are low poly ! why ?! it seems sketchfab cant support baking taxture yeah ?

for example plz see this models i made



I'm sorry you're having trouble. We're not really sure what you're asking - can you elaborate?

Sketchfab will show whatever model is exported from Substance :confused:

(Helgasta) #3

frist plz see this pics



in substancepainter my model is fine but when i upload it in sketchfab it will be low poly ... why ??

(Dark Minaz) #4

Those edges are because of your vertex normal that is set to 45 by default.
did you use the uploader for it that is integrated or did you upload it by hand?

(Helgasta) #6

i always upload my works of this part

so how i can change my vertex normal ?

(Dark Minaz) #7

depends on what program you used to model it
i think it keeps the vertex normals from the import

so for example blender:

or in maya:
mesh display - set normal angle

substance painter just takes your lowpoly, adds all the details and exports it out again. So you might have to reupload your model with vertex normals that are smooth and the textures from substance painter :slight_smile:

(Helgasta) #9

i use 3ds max

(Lizedwards) #10

It's not low poly, you're just seeing them because of some kind of smoothing group or normal map issue. I've seen something similar happen before - with 3DS Max, maybe try adding a Normal modifer to your mesh and checking the Unify Normals box. Reset X-Form and see how that looks on Sketchfab.

I'm also wondering if your normals are flipped on Sketchfab. Some of your scratches seem to pop out rather than in from certain angles. What does your normal map look like?

(Dark Minaz) #12

those articles might help you.
I don't own 3dsmax so i can't really write you a how to. But i hope the 2 articles above are clear enough :slight_smile:

(Helgasta) #13

tnx a lot guys i will try all your helps later

the problem is im beginner , im just start 3d modeling 3-4 months

however how much take long to be professional ?

(Helgasta) #14

this is my sword's normal map i took from substance painter
( yeah i know texture is weird... ))

(Lizedwards) #15

It looks like the polys you are seeing are baked into your normal map itself. You'll need to go back into 3DS Max and make some new smoothing groups for your model, then rebake all your textures.

Smoothing groups define which areas are smooth, and where the hard edges are. A hard edge will be created where two different smoothing groups meet.

If you don't define your smoothing groups you'll be able to see the shape of all your polygons, especially on curved surfaces like your rivets and your handle. Substance has taken those shapes and baked them into your normal. Smoothing them out with smoothing groups and rebaking should fix it :slight_smile:

Side note: when you make your UVs try to keep everything the same scale relative to each other. Your handle and blade should be big and your rivets should be small. That way all your parts get the amount of texture resolution that they need. Don't squash things either! Your UVs should be the same proportions as your 3D sword, or you'll get weird things happening with your texture.