Sketchfab keeps crashing Browser because it keeps opening SteamVR

(Toco Gamescom) #1

It was bugging me for some time now that Sketchfab keeps starting SteamVR for no reason. As soon as a Sketchfab view is open anywhere SteamVR gets launched, when I then close SteamVR it gets instantly started again.

Now recently things got worse with it completely freezing my browser so that I have to force close firefox in the task manager.

I’m using Firefox on a Win7 PC. I also have start Steam VR with applications turned off.

(Paul Sketch) #2

Unfortunately current browser have no other to answer the question “does this PC have VR”

If you don’t use Vr you can type in the url bar
“about:config” (press Enter)
Type and look for the preference : “dom.vr.openvr.enabled”
set to false

(if you still need to do VR things, you might do like I do, having a separate firefox installation for this. (firefox developper edition, or firefox nightly))