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Sketchfab keeps redirecting to 3rd party site

(Curio Kek) #1

It happens randomly but very often. If I click any button on the site, to open a model, or edit my profile or everything else, or even try to post something in this forum or read all different forums.
it keeps redirecting me to this site
https ://
Why does that happening? How to get rid of it?

(Bart) #2

I haven't heard about this, but to me this suggests your computer may be infected with some kind of adware. Does it happen on other websites too? Can you verify on another computer?


That definitely sounds like adware to me. Can you remove or disable any browser plugins you don't recognize, try a different browser or incognito/private mode, and try to secure your machine with anti-malware software.

(Curio Kek) #4

It Happens only if i browse but i can not confirm that with another pc...