Sketchfab Klaas' Plugin 3ds Max Export Issue

I’m having an issue exporting my models from 3ds Max using the Sketchfab plugin all of a sudden. I set everything up just as I always have done and Max freezes. I thought this may be an issue with my workstation at home so I’ve tried it in the office and have exactly the same problem.

At home I’m running 3ds Max 2019, in the office 2020. Renderer is Corona 4 (which is the only thing I can think of which may have changed). I’m running the latest version of Klaas’ plugin (9.05) which was last updated in 2018.

Is this an issue anyone is aware of?

UPDATE: The issue appears to be during the UVW unwrapping process. Max becomes unresponsive but I believe it is unwrapping in the background - it just seems to freeze because it takes so long. I tried on a low-poly version of the same model and it worked fine. There’s no feedback during the process (and the taskbar suggests the computer is pretty idle) so some kind of warning or visual progress indicator would be really useful.

@klaasnienhuis could you take a look at this?

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear about this. While I haven’t changed the unwrapping procedure lately I have heard similar reports of the script taking a very long time.
Unwrapping can take a long time and I’m not sure 3dsmax gives me the means for a meaningful progress bar. And during unwrapping 3dsmax indeed seems unresponsive. That’s normal.
Do you feel the script performs worse than before on the same models? Here’s a link to previous versions of the script You could give a previous version a try and report back here.

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