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Sketchfab manual export - which preset should I choose?

(Mhazani) #1

Hi all,

So, I'm well aware of the awesome Painter-Sketchfab exporter and it indeed does what it's designed for very well. However, for my scene I'm working on multiple materials and have to export the materials individually and upload the textures to Sketchfab one by one. Cumbersome, but given that at no single point is my entire scene in Painter (obviously), it's the best workflow I've come up with.

Given that workflow, which export preset is best to pick in Painter? SpecGloss? MetalRough? Which will give me the closest maps to the ones Sketchfab works well with? So far SpecGloss seems to hit the closest to the mark but I thought I'd run it by you because you probably have additional insight...

Current options:


(Waleguene) #3

Hi @mhazani,

Metallic workflow is the most used on Sketchfab, as it avoid to break the "energy conservative" rule in PBR (whatever the factor you set in your channels, this rule is always respected) and it has also the benefit of having more intuitive properties.
But, you should have the same result with both of them, so if you have a difference here, that could mean that there is an issue somewhere. Could you give us more details (screenshot/skfb links) to illustrate this?

Moreover, it's surprising that you have to use such a cumbersome workflow. Could you detail your usecase ?
For example, you could export your textures separately in a folder and them upload a .zip with everything (model + textures) on Sketchfab and take advantage of the PBR texture auto-mapping ? The "Reupload" feature allows to update a model while keeping materials settings that have already been defined.

Even if it doesn't answer your need, note that it will be definitely useful for us to be aware of your workflow and usecase, in the case there is something we can improve to help

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Mhazani) #4

Hi @waleguene,

Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I wanted to really dive into it before answering which is why I took a little time --

My current workflow is using the Blender exporter for uploading - which is why I have to upload the textures separately (although not one by one, as I'd written - actually the texture import section is great and I didn't have a problem mass-importing).

That workflow also means I can't "reupload" (no such option in the exporter, I believe) which is actually not the worst thing with regards to version control on the Sketchfab side. But I'd be open to giving it a try- I just don't have a firm grasp on the auto-map side of things; should I pre-assign materials in Cycles for that to work, and if so, what would be the node setup to use (I've seen a few PBR setups for Cycles)?

Is auto-map available if I upload the textures later, or only in the first time I'm uploading a zip? Is there a folder hierarchy I need to adhere to (or should all materials be in the root folder?) And will it auto-map even if it's not mapped as such in Blender itself? (I.e the material is assigned, but is "empty")?

Thanks again for all your help!

(Waleguene) #5

You're right, there is no reupload option in our exporters for now, the only way to reupload is through the website.
This is something we are thinking about, so it will probably be improved in the future.

To detail a bit our PBR texture auto-assign feature, it's very simple and only needs the texture names to follow some conventions. See for more details.

So, regarding this, it would be easier for you to reupload from the website (we support .blend files). After a reupload, we look at the materials and try to remap everything that can be remapped from the old version to the new one (looking at material names etc), that can be very helpful for you in this case.

Note that for now, textures are not kept from previous uploads (this is in our TODO list) so you 'll need to include all the texture at each reupload.

So, your new workflow could be:

  • Export your model manually from Blender (in .blend)
  • Export your textures from substance with PBRMetalRough configuration. In configuration tab, you will need to change the suffix for albedo map to "albedo" or "diffuse" for this workflow (since it's "Base_color" by default and we don't remap that):

  • Build a .zip with model and textures
  • Use the reupload feature from the website.

It should be much easier for you :slight_smile:
Could you give a try and keep us in touch ?

Don't hesitate if you have any question or issue :slight_smile:

(Mrchlblng) #6

Just to clarify how the reupload works, it is implemented in a way that re-applies materials based on their names.
If the previous and current uploads have a material with the same name, provided that its definition did not change, we will keep all changes that happened in the sketchfab editor. If any change is detected, we take the material definition that is being uploaded. The comparison happens on a per material basis.

So if you only upload "raw" geometry in your blend files and upload all the textures in the editor (this workflow makes sense especially to avoid filesize restriction depending on your account type) you should be fine and your material definition be preserved across your reuploads.

We're thinking about making the overall reupload process more artist-friendly by keeping both the old and new version in case the remapping does not work as expected but have no ETA for this. So do not hesitate to give us feedback on how the feature would work best for you!