Sketchfab Maps & Locations

(Simonbrown) #1

To say I like the maps feature is a bit of an understatement:

Maps & Sketchfab

There are a couple of things that could help:

  1. For geo referenced models, the option to allow automatic placement on the map
  2. For those of us who work underwater placement is a bit hit & miss - the map areas of the sea is just plain blue. Placing the pin is a best guess. An ability to enter lat and long coordinates manually would be really useful.

Keep up the great work!

(Mauricesvay) #2

Hello @simonbrown,

Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Right now I don't think we process the geo reference data. I'll add your request to our internal tracking system.
  2. Entering specific coordinates would be useful indeed. I'll see how I can add this to the Map experiment.

(Simonbrown) #3

@mauricesvay - many thanks for the reply.

If you need a tester, just ask.

(Mauricesvay) #4

Hey @simonbrown,

you can now enter coordinate manually on

This should help for pinpointing location in the middle of the ocean.

(Simonbrown) #5

@mauricesvay - now that is very nice indeed...tested and works just as expected...

Two wrecks now referenced:

Thank you very much indeed. Other wrecks added as and when I get time.