Sketchfab May Challenge: Sci-Fi Circus Sculpting

Yeah, I noticed that! I still have the alien concept in mind, but I feel like if I add more, the eyes would just be jammed together and be smaller (the eyes on this one is already pretty small. Also, I feel like this one has a lot going on already, I feel like 6 eyes might be excessive :sweat_smile:

also, I am more trained in drawing than 3D sculpting. I just started learning to sculpt a year ago and I’m still a student :’)

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That’s all totally fair… :slight_smile:
though guessing you’ll see I’m predisposed to the weird…
and eyes seem hard to see, even if there big, unless there comically big… my critter has large eyes (and lots of them) and they still seem hard to see, especially since there not in a typical place (ie it has no actual head) A problem I’m not sure how to fix…


I appreciate that! I’m still getting used to getting out of my comfort zone and trying more weird stuff :smiley:

I think yours is pretty weird and interesting too! Reminds me of a desert crab/spider kind of creature. May be add more textures around the shell. It is a little confusing on where the eyes might for this one. may be take inspiration from octopus eyes? they seem pretty alien-like too haha

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thanx… : )
hmmmmmm… your meaning to “point out” the eyes, making them more obvious from further back…
maybe spread the eyestalk colors to the eye orbital… that could be a really good idea…

Hello there Guys ! I’m new to SketchFab, and I want to participate in this challenge too. Wanna share some of my work here I gave it a name which is “Lizlord” :joy: … still need to add some details :sweat_smile:


Another WIP, got the pose sorted out, need to go over and fix up some of the areas that got deformed and then do a final detail pass.
Also need to add the clothing back in, not sure if im convinced with what i had previously. I also need to add some more detail to the fabric.
Would love any feedback.


hi to all! maybe i’m a bit in late :sweat_smile:
Anyway my idea is to tell a short story throughout these two trapeze artists in a classic moment of catch. In a future where technology has grown more and more, the difference between virtual and reality is getting thinner. A woman wants to risk more to surprise the audience and throws herself towards an hologram man…

I started from a stylized base mesh

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Hi~ c:
I was just wondering if we need to include our process here or somewhere else? I just stumbled across this thread and noticed that a lot of people are sharing their work. The sculpt I’m working on is almost done but I do have screenshots of the process if I need to include them somewhere. Thanks!


gahhhhhh… way to big for a free account (the blend file with pngs and animations was 150mg) changing to jpgs and striping the animation (didn’t know what it would do with the “child of” constraint anyway) got it down to 67meg… So, still model it is…
A test render of the animation is at
no idea how to embed the model in here but it should be at…

Just finished my second entry for the contest! This time, I gave this elephant alien more eyes instead of the other submission.


png works better with sketchfab, jpeg sometimes causes artifacts in viewport… you can upload only the model with animation, and then upload texture in 3d setting… the mb limit is only for the first upload step…


hello every one ! I’m new to SketchFab,I want to participate in this challenge too,

the plan is to make a pyro related performer, based on traditional fire dancers in Sri lanka, in a nice dynamic pose , brought up to the sci fi realm
bellow is my reference.


I’m excited to be participating in this challenge with all of you folks! I aim to push my real-time modeling workflow and improve along side you all.

Here’s a silhouette of my characters, An Alien Animal Handler and his pet. I find it important to focus on nailing the large forms first, readability is key.


...That's Beautiful....
Thank you

Yesterday was the first time I ever uploaded anything to sketchfab, and now I can see how to implement that advice...

How does sketchfab deal with the "child of" constraint in blender? ie changeing parent linkages so a character can pick stuff up?

if I am not in error, sketchfab don’t handle object parenting, but only bone/joint parenting… so if you rig all object that interact between them you can animate and then bake all

I dont think its necessary, just if you wanted to get feedback/thoughts on what you are working on. Sometimes you can get some really good feedback on your design which you may have not considered.

Thanks for the reply! Will post it then, critique is always appreciated c:

helloo, great work guys ! i can see some well designed creatures out there , here is a zbrush screen grab from my entry hope you like it , any comments would be much appreciated :smiley:
you can see the full 3d scene here Intergalactic sci-fi Circus - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by zeyadibrahim000 (@zeyadibrahim000) [7ace8bf] - Sketchfab Store


Hi!, this is my entry.

Zbrush sculpted.

Dominant species
40 millons polys

“the others”…
11 millons polys

Retopology in Zbrush by retopo brush.

40 millons>10k

11 millons>4k

Uvs, rigging, blend shapes and animation in 3Dmax.

Maked textures in Substance painter.

Mixing betewns hand painted and PBR aspect.


Here is my entry
Hope you like it :smiley: