Sketchfab Meetup in San Jose, California on Feb 18

(Abby Crawford) #1

Hello! I'll be hosting a meetup for Sketchfab's San Jose/Bay Area folks on Feb 18. I'm new to the area and would love suggestions on where we could meet.

(Bart) #2

Hi @abbyec!

I reached out to some members in San Jose area and invited them to this conversation. For good measure, let me also link back to my earlier message with suggestions for meetups.

(Varsh Art) #3

hi there Abby,

first off welcome to the San Jose area. Hopefully its been pretty good to ya so far smile as for places to have gatherings/meetup's I can think of a couple that wont cost an arm and a leg and are pretty mellow.

first one being Original Gravity Pub has two bars one in the front and one in the back with some nice outdoor seating as well.

next is the Britannia arms their webpage is a bit meh but overall the place itself is very open and spread out. lots of walking room and places to site both inside and out in the back with some pretty good food and a nice selection of drinks

or if you're looking for more of a restaurant/brewery there is always gordon biersch pretty good craft beers foods good to but slightly higher in $ than the other two places I listed but still a pretty good place.

hopefully these are what you may be looking for and if I can think of a few others or if you're looking for something more specific in mind just let me know smile

(Abby Crawford) #4

Thanks so much, @varsh_art!

(Bart) #5

As it's hard to guess how many people might show up for a first meetup, I usually tell the bar that I don't know either - it could be between 5 and 25. If they're okay with that, I promise to contact them again one week before the event to update the expected number. I implemented that strategy after meeting a very pissed off bar owner in London one day wink

(Seeker) #6

Welcome to SJ @abbyec! I work in DT SJ and good suggestions have already been made above but I thought I'd add another just around the corner from the others. San Pedro Square Market, plenty of food and drink options and lots of seating in and out doors.

(Abby Crawford) #7

Thanks, @seeker! I'll check it out.

(Abby Crawford) #8

Here's the Meetup page for the event. Hope to see you there!

(Bart) #9

Congrats on being the first Sketchfab community member ever to announce a meetup Abby! Great job smile

(Varsh Art) #10

looking forward to it. should be a good night

(Alexanderesmith) #11

I'm going to be in Texas for the next month, and in Arizona for... well, I live there stuck_out_tongue

I don't know if this counts as a hijack, but I'd like to meet some sketchfabricators too, maybe I'll start a new thread...

(Abby Crawford) #12

@alexanderesmith you should check out this link - you could host your own! smile

(Alexanderesmith) #13

I literally just saw it and was reading it, I'm totally doing this. I'm going to see about having BOTH (San Antonio and Phoenix) smiley

Thanks for the heads up smile

(Bart) #14

OH YES! Go ahead and post some initial thread / calls for help and I'll be here to support you smile

(Abby Crawford) #15

If you're in the San Jose/San Francisco Area and haven't yet heard about this meetup or have been on the fence about going, hop on over to our meetup page and RSVP! What could be better than 3d, beer, and interesting people? smile

(Varsh Art) #16

We are out in the back patio if you're looking for us!