Sketchfab messing up geometry on model that worked previously

I use this site for a college class I teach. I created a model in 3ds max and my students have to create the textures and upload it here to share with other classmates. The assignment went smoothly last semester. This is a link to the example here:
Now this semester, sketchfab is messing up the geometry on the model. Its the same export as the last time this was done. I even went as far as to download the example from my account that is still working and tried to upload it and the results are the same:

It works fine in 3ds max, I even tried exporting it a couple different ways and doing some detaching and merging into new files, but the .obj looks perfect in 3ds max. It also looks perfect in Photoshop as well so I am at a loss as to what is going on and how to fix it.

Hi @thealterian,

Thanks for this report. The issue seems to be caused by our compression that performs some unwanted (and weird) vertex merges (there have been some changes in our compression durring the previous 8 months). I am currently digging to provide a fix as soon as possible so you can use Sketchfab for your class.

“I even tried exporting it a couple different ways”
Have you tried to export it as FBX?
And you had the same issue when trying to upload it as a single geometry? (merged meshes and welded vertices)

I imported your sample in 3dsmax, re-exported it with different parameters and scales, and I didn’t find a way to reproduce the issue. It can be a mix of scale, unit setup and export options, and testing by firstly importing the obj is not very relevant since 3dsmax might perform some operations on the mesh during import.

It would be very useful for me if you could send me the .max file in a private message so I can test with the same source.

Thanks, I 'll keep you in touch,

How can I get the max file to you?

Can you send us an email?


I “fixed” the problem by throwing on a quad tessellation in 3ds max to give it more geometry. (it came to me when I was trying to fall asleep yesterday) I will still send the original files later today if it will help make this site better!

Nice fix, thanks for letting us know.