Sketchfab model into adobe captivate with javascript

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Hi everyone. I know I can embed a 3D Sketchfab model into Adobe Captivate by using a web object and embedding the code, but now I'm trying to do the same with Javascript. Has anybody managed to do something like this?
I figured if I could get this work, I could add buttons to control the model from inside Adobe Captivate.

Any advice would be gratefully received!


I'm not familiar with Adobe Captivate, but we have an oEmbed API endpoint that will return the iframe code:

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Thanks for this James. Looking at it oEmbed doesn't seem to have the facility to control the model from outside of the viewer. My ultimate aim is to get a model into Captivate and create my own buttons to jump to different viewpoints. I just need to figure out how the Captivate and Sketchfab APIs to talk to one another. I'll keep trying!


Ah ok, then you'll want the Viewer API. Here are some resources and examples:

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Many thanks for this James