Sketchfab model upload with Data API v3 from Scandy Pro ignoring or missing “options”


(Elaughli) #1

I’m wondering if something changed in the Data API v3 recently for model upload “options” because in our POST to /v3/models the added “options” for “shadeless” shading and an orientation matrix seem to be getting ignored.

It appeared to be working about two week ago and without any apparent change in our code for uploads I started to notice models being uploaded from the app with incorrect orientation and “lit” shading

After testing uploads with different orientation matrices today, I’ve confirmed that none of them are being recognized on upload and that the “shadeless” option is also being ignored, leading me to believe the entire “options” is being missed.

I’m happy to provide more information if it’ll be useful in debugging this behavior.


Yep, we’re looking into it, sorry about that!



We just shipped an update to the API and this should be working now.

(Elaughli) #5

Everything seems to be working fine again! Thanks for taking the time and being responsive!