Sketchfab models are being stolen and sold on

I’ve reported this a while back but have not gotten an answer. Figured I should let others be aware.

Someone told me one of my models was being sold on the website This model is the only one I haven’t made for sale or downloadable. When I was browsing through the website, I found another one of my models and a bunch of familiar Sketchfab models from other users being sold there as well.

I don’t know what the process of getting these models down is or if it is even possible since it is a Chinese owned website. I tried emailing them directly with no response.

This is the link to 2 of my models being sold there. All of the other models being sold by these 2 accounts may also be stolen.
Note: you may have trouble viewing the images on certain browsers


I just clicked the link out of curiosity, and it seems the links are gone.

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Hi, yesterday I used a QQ account and was able to get into contact with someone. She was able to help me remove the 2 mentioned models. I asked about all the other models that are most likely stolen but she only mentioned its not recommended to post on 3d viewing sites because of how easy it is for someone to steal from artstation and sketchfab.

The accounts who stole the models are still there though. I didn’t save the link to their accounts but one of them was YINGMING and the other was a bunch of numbers.

I just found another one of my models which haven’t been removed yet. I also added a link to the account in case the model does get removed.


Thx for sharing the link, I also found one of my models :neutral_face:
At less I made it downloadable, and it wasn’t ripped off, but I don’t like the way someone is making money, of someone else models.
By scrolling through the first couple of pages I found so many Sketchfab models.
How safe are models that are not marked as downloadable?

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Bummer. Same here. I don’t like that someone is profiting off other people’s hard work. You can go to the contact us page for their contact information if you want them to take it down. They may or may not speak english and probably need some kind of proof of ownership which should be simple in this case.

Seems pretty easy to rip off models from what I’ve seen. They sent me a link that gave me step by step directions.

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How long did you have to wait for an answer from cgmodel?

I didn’t get a reply from them via email but I only tried the first one. The other 2 emails might get through though. I got in contact with them through QQ.

Ok, they didn’t answer me either, but at least my model was deleted now. Thanks again for your help and for showing the site.

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it’s the same thing for me (3 models) : ( robber : 守望星空1 ) ( robber : 寒月葬花魂 ) ( robber : 寒月葬花魂 )

i never sold the 2 last models. It’s ridiculous.

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Glad you got it taken down eindreas
Hope you’re able to get yours taken down too Fa_Sketch. Your last link didn’t work for me though

Hi alankailei,
i send emails, so i will wait what happens.

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After inspecting the site, it seems they have 100’s of accounts stealing content from all over the net I viewed over 100 sketchfab artist models for sale here, despite models being removed they are just re-posted on a new account. :frowning:

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I hope it’s ok to post this here. On another marketplace i was contacted by a random person, who was offering me sketchfab ripper, that supposedly successfully can rip any model from sketchfab. I was given link to the site were said ripper can be obtained. For obvious reasons i don’t want to post this link publicly, but i would like if someone from sketchfab support could contact me, so i could give them that link for investigation.

Hi trevorwgraphics,

From what I was told, if you upload your own model, they will not allow duplicates so other people cannot upload the same model. But yeah, it looks like a lot of the content there is stolen from sketchfab.