Sketchfab Month Long Challenge: Mushrooms


Welcome to our first monthly challenge, intended to give community members more time to participate in Sketchfab’s contests. The format and prizes will vary from month to month, so if this month’s challenge doesn’t thrill you, check in again next month. You may submit entries from September 2 until September 30.

We’re opening our inaugural monthly challenge up to modelers, low poly artists, hand painters, sculptors, and scanners. The theme is mushrooms (September is National Mushroom Month in the United States). Just create your model, upload it to Sketchfab, and tag it #MushroomChallenge.

Full rules and prize details on the blog:


Cool. Might join this one!

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Sweet. I am in :slight_smile:

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Super happy about this challenge! :grin::grin:


Happy with this :grin:


Cool, I opened Krita and googled some reference today and started with a Sketch. Pretty happy with it, if only I didn’t open Blender right away but started with a plan of sorts first :slight_smile:

Not final but WIP :wink:


Working on this character


Hello. i’ve a question. I just need create from 0 the mushroom model?, or i can made from a concept?.

While modelling the head of the Puss Moth Caterpillar I noticed a similarity :wink:

Do you see what I mean? I have been watching to much Netflix :slight_smile:

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You can use a concept but we recommend you contact the concept artist before you begin modelling and include a credit and link to their work in your model description.


Thanks. Of course!.

Hello, here is my entry for the mushroom challenge: Sketchfab Challenge: Mushrooms • Smurf House - 3D model by hamidz90 (@hamidz90) - Sketchfab

Hope you guys like it, you can also look at my artstation page of this project for more images:


Hello, here’s a sculpt of a mushroom maul, based on a concept that I did previously. It is in the process of becoming a game-ready model :slight_smile: