Sketchfab Netherlands - Free bust scanning

(Bart) #1

About this service

Sketchfab is not a 3D scanning service, but we're happy to use our Structure scanner to create a free bust scan.

  • References/former clients: [optional, but highly recommended]
  • Website:
  • How to contact: Use the contact button on the 3D Selfie page.

Service description

  • Specialisation: Bust scanning
  • Equipment/software: Structure Sensor
  • Location: Amersfoort, the Netherlands
  • Ability to travel: I cannot travel for free scanning
  • Resolution: low
  • Textures: fully textured model
  • Deliverable file formats: uploaded as an OBJ file to your Sketchfab profile.
  • Additional services: coffee :smile:
  • Costs: Free


James from Sketchfab by 3D selfie on Sketchfab

Cedric Pinson from Sketchfab by 3D selfie on Sketchfab

Bart from Sketchfab by 3D selfie on Sketchfab

3D Scanning Services - Discussion
(Monumentmen) #3

Hey @bartv, I'll be hopping over to Amsterdam at some point in the next few months - we should definitely meet up and go scan some stuff! Are you based in the city? @nicolas has my contact details should you fancy linking up!

(Bart) #4

Sure, let me know when you're around!

(Monumentmen) #5

Hey Bart,

I'll be coming to visit Amsterdam on the 31st July - appreciated that it's short notice and your email says that you're out of office til the 8th August - but would you be up for meeting up at some point between the 31st and the 2nd August?



(Bart) #6

I wish I'd been there, but I've just returned from a three week vacation :-/