Sketchfab not exporting

(SirVoxelot) #1

hi there, I'm using substance painter 17.1 and when I chose sketchfab as an output type
it just says failed to export mesh file
and there's no textures when I drilldown on the arrow for different shaders. the other config setups have it though. and under the configuration tab, there's no sketchfab as a preset there at all visible while the others are visble

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @eugene_flormata,

Thanks for reporting this issue. This is a known problem that has been reported on Substance forums, and it seems to happen with the latest version of Substance Painter (1.7.1).
We are following this, and we will keep you in touch!


(Romuloferreira) #3

The same happens with me :confused:

(Lonedev) #4

Yes, and me too :frowning: Would be hand to let your users know in advance of this issue. I have been playing around with importing on their website, but it's fiddly. If you could outline the "manual" process (ie which files to assign to which maps in Sketchfab), that would at least help us a bit.