As you know Sketchfab is planning to remove millions of useful free or paid models if the authors won’t sign in in next couple of weeks.
I have to say couple of weeks isn’t remotely close for an user to be considered as inactive so please sketchfab give people more time to keep their models, most of my friends didn’t even know about this new measures

Hi - to be clear, Sketchfab does not plan to remove millions of 3D models from the platform. All users are notified via email of any upcoming changes.

For anyone looking for more information on this topic, I suggest you check out the official announcement here:

@nebulousflynn thanks for your answer.
So just to be clear if artists over 18+ won’t sign in next month to prove their age won’t have their accounts closed?
I thought everyone who won’t sign in before the 3rd of January will be considered as inactive user and their account will be permanently removed.
Can Sketchfab put disclaimers or something similar to users’ profiles who are about to have their accounts closed so we can buy their models before they are gone?
thanks again I wish Sketchfab just removed 18+ models instead of turning an entire website into adult platform.

“We recommend that you log in to your account within 30 days to avoid the risk of account deletion due to inactivity.” this is the statement that made me think that sketchfab will remove millions of models