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(Dumenieu) #1


I got 2 mails today

Hi Dumenieu Alain,

5 of your friends joined Sketchfab! To thank you we offered you a PRO account for one year!

and then
****Dear Dumenieu Alain,

Thanks for subscribing to Sketchfab PRO, the best way to share your 3D projects online.

With Sketchfab PRO you can:
Share your models privately and protect them with a password
Upload models up to 200 mb
Create your professional 3D portfolio website with

But I cant build a portfolio because I am always going there below from

that just asks me to upgrade to Pro.

I cleaned my cache , but nothing change.
Help please

Thank you in advance


(Bart) #2

Sorry to hear that @dumenieu! I've moved your question to the Support category and have asked our Support team to look into this right away.


Hi, you can find your portfolio here:

Only models that you've added to folders from your profile or model page will appear.

(Dumenieu) #4

what a team!!! you are most than quick!!! merci !!!