Sketchfab possible GUI update (for animations)? + audio on animations?


(Dutchallians) #1

Could the recent Animation GUI be updated to something more easy? its already nice but i mean like having a tab on the side to slide so you can select animations a bit easier also maybe audio with animations?
its just an idea i already love the current state of the animation feature


Thanks for the mockup! These are definitely things we'll be thinking about for future updates.

(Mauricesvay) #3

Hi @dutchallians,

thanks for the suggestion. About the sound, what kind of sound would like to have? Could you describe a case where you would use sound? This would help us narrow down what's needed if we implement sound in the future.

(Gilles38) #4

I personaly would like to add audio files to comment my 3D model or play music that would fit the model. So .mp3 or wave would be just enough for me.
I really would love that feature.


We just launched our Sound feature!