Sketchfab post processing filters and Oculus Rift

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when I look at a project in Firefox, all Sketchfab post processing effects are ok but disappear in the Oculus Rift.

Is it possible to see those effects (occlusion, bloom etc.) in VR ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:



Some post-processing filters are disabled in VR mode for performance reasons. You can find the list here:

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Hello James

thank you for your answer. On my VR project SSAO is enabled but don’t appear whereas it should according to the documentation. Any idea ? My project is a little heavy…

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This is a mistake then, we disable ssao in VR.

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ok ! :slight_smile: It should be great to enable it in VR ^^ just the AO :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answer



Thanks, I’ve updated the Help Center table.

Maybe in the future we can enable more effects in VR if performance improves.