Sketchfab Progressive Challenge, Round 2

(Rafael Vieira) #1

I guess this is the first time that I’m properly posting here, so sorry for the possible mistakes as I’m still trying to understand the forum.

So, here’s my entry with some details from it!

  1. Starting the project on Painter! Seems good to make sure that the Environment Map is set to Studio 3 (other Studios work too), Substance’s default one changes the color way too much, so it feels right to do this:

  1. With the power of @toomanydemons ’ color IDs on my side, I can freely go on my journey of separating everything. Everything.

  1. While at it, I like to fill the masks with random materials, I feel like I better understand the model this way, it’s also an effective way (at least for me!) to check for bleeding edges and adjust the masks, so there’s that.

  1. This is my rest of the owl moment, forgive me but I forgot to document along the way.

(Rafael Vieira) #2

To make the patterns, I simply used a fill layer and on it I’ve put an Alpha (Circle Split) on it as the base color, then I can change the scale it as I see fit.

That lion I’ve used is the Lydian Lion, symbol on the bullion of Lydia, Arachne was a Lydian maiden so I felt like using this. From the start I didn’t want to put too many details but this one was ok. With a photo of the symbol I cleaned the details as much as I could to then transform into a normal map.