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Operating System: Windows 8.1 64bit

Description of problem: Hi guys, I'm a hobby grapichs designer and I desinged a 3d pouch for my company about our energy gel in Cinema 4d R17.
Then I wanted to integrate it to our webshop catalogue so ppl can view it. So I uploaded it to sketchfab and added the material after that I was literely shocked because it became exaclty like I wanted it somehow got a really good reflective surface like how it's in real life because it's printed in shiny aluminium like foil. So I would like to make it look like in cinema 4d too so I can use it for other promotional purposes but no matter how or what I try and can't achieve the brilliant reflectance and color depth like sketchfab does. here is a link for how it looks like withouth sketchfab.
If anyone who could help me please contact and we'll work something out.
Thank you in advance,



Glad you like the Sketchfab renderer! Why not just embed the Sketchfab viewer instead of creating an image?

You could also check out the Screenshot generator.