Sketchfab Search Tags are Strange!

(Ndrakey) #1

Hey guys! What is the Tag function there for if you dont even find the stuff you "tagged" before !?

for example if I search for "Weta" I dont seem to find my weta though it has a weta tag

Insect Weta by ndrakey on Sketchfab

(Tribble42) #2

Hi there,

We're currently actively improving our search engine. In the meantime you might see some odd behaviour indeed ...
More to come soon :smile:
Sorry for the inconvenience!

(Lordville951) #3

Any updates? This is still a problem. Tag search gives you only a handful results, even though I press “See More”. I even tried clicking the tag of a 3D-model that a friend sent me, but the 3D-model doesn’t even show up there, at all. It is really strange an annoying. It carries the tag, but doesn’t show when searching for that specific tag.


Hmm, can you share the specific search and the model you’re looking for?