Sketchfab security

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Sketchfab looks cool for presenting 3d models, but I am selling 3D models on Turbosquid and was thinking about publishing some of them here to bring customers. Is this something I could do?

But now I just did a quick google search and found some forums about users bragging about how easy it is to rip content from Sketchfab. Even if the content is supposedly not downloadable, they say it's very easy to rip it using scripts, uncompressing the gz files and using an hex editor...

Is it something the Sketchfab team is aware and are you planning a more robust security to prevent this from happening?



Thanks for your interest. Can you share where you've found these instructions?

This is something we're constantly working on. Please see:

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Yes here:

I just did a google search:

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And interesting read here: basically they say it's impossible for sketchfab to really prevent ripping the 3D models.



Regarding the XeNTaX thread, that's one we have watched. It's over 2 years old and one of the users says:

edit: be informed that this crash course is obsolete because most sketchfab models seem to use varint encoding now

As for WebGL more generally, you're right. I can only offer what I've already written here:

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Ok great! Cool that you are actively tracking rippers. And the rest is very explained in your model security post. Thanks. I will surely publish some of my 3d models on your platform soon.



Glad to hear it!

Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have more questions :smile: