Sketchfab shader or lighting bug


(Tobyfredson) #1

So I've been noticing something strange with the normals or shadows lately. Since recently the shadows that are supposed to occlude the normals don't look right so I was wondering if it could be ashader update bug or something. I didn't touch the models or changed textures at all till now and they looked fine till all of a sudden.

I noticed it happens with the lighting. One directional + one direction or a hemi don't work like they used to anymore. If I turn off one hemi or directional it does. Is this happening only on my profile or is it common bug? It would be nice if it gets fixed since I use Sketchfab to promote my image on the Unity asset store. Thank you for reading!

(Bart) #2

Seems like you're on to a bug in our shadows, the 3D team is on it. Thanks for reporting!

(Tobyfredson) #3

For the moment I turned off one of the lightings on a few models but I hope the problem gets fixed since I find sketchfab to be the best reliable 3d viewer website and I'd like to use it at full potential.

I tired out other browsers to and seems to look the same, same bug. I also tried uploading the models again or new models and the problem is still there so it's not anything to do with the models but I hope it's nothing to do with my user or a user bug,

(Bart) #4

Hy @tobyfredson,

it's definitely a bug in our lighting system. A fix should be released soon!

(Bart) #5

We released a fix for this bug, please re-test and let us know if this is now ok for you.

(Tobyfredson) #6

It's fixed, it looks ok! Thank you very much Sketchfab team!

(Bart) #7

Brilliant, thanks for confirming :smile: